Friday, March 03, 2006

Stress Test Update

Kroll posted the following on the forums, regarding the recent stress test:
Hi all

As some of you know, we did a small stress test last thursday at 2 PM CET. About 30 people turned up, probably because of the less-than-optimal timeslot for the US players, and because the test was only announced a few days ahead.

Still, 30, turned out to be enough to cause stress to the server, so the turnout was adequate.

The test was primarily concerned with lag issues in general, and lag issues around chat and emotes with "many" players. Initially, we were all dispersed around in the game world, with some trouble in Recspace (the most populated space) and less trouble in the other spaces.
After a while, we all convened in the Canyon, again with some trouble. and increased lag.
Finally, we all met at the window shellside in canyon. Here, we enjoyed a technical talk about the window technology behind the tower window. Afterwards, we all chatted and emoted all at the same time. This caused massive lags, and massive client deaths.

While this was going on, our techs were busy monitoring the server behaviour, and we learned a lot about what is causing our lag. We are currently working on fixes for some of these issues, so hopefully, lag will be reduced with the next patch.

The server didn't even break a sweat during all this. We rebooted it intentionally during the test, in order to set in some more debug information, and since that reboot, the server has been up continually. (26 hours straight, and counting).

We will definately schedule a new test session, this time probably at a time more suited for US players being awake, and EU players being home from school/work. Unfortunately for us, that means late hours .

Thank you again to all that turned up. I hope to see you again in a new stress test soon to be announced.

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