Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Seed Ship Info

AlexK responded to a question on the forums about what the original purpose of the seed ships was:
The premise of the seed ships is that they were literally thrown into the wind. They might succeed, they might fail, but it was important to send them no matter what. Not because Earth was in immediate trouble, but because it wanted to spread humanity further than just the Sol system.

If the plan had worked perfectly, the ships would settle down on their destination planets, start terraforming and make people. Once a colony was well underway and had the resources for it, it should launch a seed ship of its own, aimed at the next suitable planet to be found. This would make the spreading easier, though not necessarily quicker.

There was no plan for the colonies to, say, send back resources to a starving Earth. It was hoped that the colonies would "call home" when they were able to, and that trade and communication would be established over time, but the criteria for seed ship success was healthy, thriving, independent colonies scattered all over the near Universe.

So why haven't Earth called? Nobody really knows. As with other bits of the backstory, we are keeping this in the dark on purpose. We want it to be a surprise when the storyline comes into play, and we want to be able to react to interesting developments in ongoing story or to you guys tossing ideas around.


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