Monday, March 13, 2006

Research and In-game Languages

Haller and AlexK posted on topics regarding research and in-game languages, respectively.
Haller on Research:

I love the idea of minigames as part of research gameplay. I think I was actually the one that brought it up back in the day.

The main reason I like it is that I think there should be genuine gameplay attached to as many viable roles in a MMORPG as possible. And since researcher is a quite obvious role in faltering terraforming colony it obviously needs to be supported by some gameplay. I've tried being a researcher in Eve Online and while it is otherwise a quite good game, the research lottery is in my opinion a travesty of bad gameplay. There is absolutely no meaningful interaction for the player - You just spend time and hope to get lucky.

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AlexK on language:

Hi guys,

This thread has been a very interesting read - you turned over an impressive amount of stones in a short time.

As Kroll states, english will be the official language of the server. I thought I'd sum up the official stance with regards to in-game languages:
  • There is a common language spoken in the colony. For OOC purposes, this appears as english, but in-game it could just as well be Esperanto or Xitsonga that made it into space as the global language. The point being that everybody should be able to communicate easily and quickly.

  • All known languages can be assumed to be in the database. As somebody above pointed out, Da Vinci is a multicultural colony. Earth wanted all sorts of cultures and thus also languages spread along with the new colonies.

  • Learning "old" terran languages would be considered a hobby, though it could also be explained with having to access old databases and records and not wanting to loose anything out in the translation.

  • These are very brainy people. If they want, they can likely learn a language quickly (link to RL amazing guy learning to speak Icelandic in one week).
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