Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Patience is a Virtue

I missed these posts when they were posted a few days ago, but HateTank and AlexK both posted in a thread about the lack of dev interaction/beta info lately:

Originally posted by HateTank:
Don't worry guys. We're still here - watching, and reading whenever we get the chance.
But with the beta a lot of the questions are more focused around the beta test, and coming from the beta testers.
And with the beta, more and more of the early speculations are dismissed or confirmed, and no longer spark the hefty debates.

And we are indeed quite busy not only with the beta, but also with creating the content and gameplay that will eventually be whats in the "launch package".

It's not like we have forgotten the forum - not at all. But we really, really want to get as much content as possible wrapped up for launch, so there's enough for you guys to get your sticky little fingers into.

Once things settle down a bit, I'm sure you'll see more dev. interaction again. In the meantime, please forgive our lack of presence on the forums...
Originally posted by AlexK:
Hang in there. Launch is drawing closer, and we are busy bees making content and clearing the living room for the great party. It's going to be fun. You know you want to be there.
All of us hopefuls just need to relax and wait... I've been occupying myself with other things to avoid obsessing over Seed(which is why I've been less active in posting updates here).


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