Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Upcoming Stress Test

Morten Juul has requested that as many testers as possible login to the servers at 14:00 CET/8:00 EST on March 2nd. Here's the full announcement:
It is time for us to address some bugs regarding several users entering and being in the game at the same time. In order to do so, we would like some help from you.

This Thursday, March 2nd, at 14:00 CET (8:00 EST), we would like as many Beta testers as possible to login to the game.

At the same time we would like you to be on the IRC Beta channel, as we will be around with more detailed instructions.

We will monitor the server reactions closely, and there will probably be some server crashes as well. We hope that you will be patient and stick around, ready to login again when the server has been restarted. We expect the testing session to be over within 30-60 minutes.

To prepare for the test, you should login sometime in advance and make sure that you logout somewhere outside the floatbed chambers – in order to minimize problems caused by lots of characters spawning at the same place.

Prior to the test start we will create a dedicated thread in the beta forum for feedback.

We hope that you have both time and opportunity to participate.

Kind regards,

Community Manager
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