Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Kroll stopped by the official forums to join in on a discussion about teaching in Seed.
Hi guys

Great discussion, with lots of great ideas for us.

The bad news first: This stuff is still under design, and is not slated for commercial launch. It must come later.

We do plan to have some sort of teaching system. The current possibility for trading inspirations is the absolute minimum to get you started, and to gauge the interest in such a system. Also, the current inspirations are an absolute minimum with many extensions possible.

It would be obvious to have a skill tree or at least a skill branch devoted to teaching, and indeed we plan this. The idea would be to influence the amount of trainpoints "lost in translation" between teacher and student, the number of students being taught, and the time it would take to teach.

Some of the extensions on inspirations we are considering, are inspirations that cannot be used by the person getting the inspiration: Inspirations that can only be used for teaching.

We have considered having a mechanic for teaching that revolves around spending time together: We cannot force people to roleplay, but we can do whatever we can to give them good reasons to roleplay. So, e.g. a slightly skilled teacher could, over the course of 10-15 minutes in close proximity to a student, teach the student 25-30 minutes worth of trainpoints, while consuming a (charge of a) "teaching" inspiration drop worth 30-60 minutes. Better skills would shorten the time, decrease the trainpoint loss, and or allow the inspiration drop to be used more times.

Steambaths are probably a good place to discuss technical problems and mull over scientific theories :-). Of course, performance enhancing items and drugs are also obvious possibilities.

Let me hear your input.
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