Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Upcoming Stress Test

Morten Juul has requested that as many testers as possible login to the servers at 14:00 CET/8:00 EST on March 2nd. Here's the full announcement:
It is time for us to address some bugs regarding several users entering and being in the game at the same time. In order to do so, we would like some help from you.

This Thursday, March 2nd, at 14:00 CET (8:00 EST), we would like as many Beta testers as possible to login to the game.

At the same time we would like you to be on the IRC Beta channel, as we will be around with more detailed instructions.

We will monitor the server reactions closely, and there will probably be some server crashes as well. We hope that you will be patient and stick around, ready to login again when the server has been restarted. We expect the testing session to be over within 30-60 minutes.

To prepare for the test, you should login sometime in advance and make sure that you logout somewhere outside the floatbed chambers – in order to minimize problems caused by lots of characters spawning at the same place.

Prior to the test start we will create a dedicated thread in the beta forum for feedback.

We hope that you have both time and opportunity to participate.

Kind regards,

Community Manager
Click here to view the post on the forums.

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Kroll stopped by the official forums to join in on a discussion about teaching in Seed.
Hi guys

Great discussion, with lots of great ideas for us.

The bad news first: This stuff is still under design, and is not slated for commercial launch. It must come later.

We do plan to have some sort of teaching system. The current possibility for trading inspirations is the absolute minimum to get you started, and to gauge the interest in such a system. Also, the current inspirations are an absolute minimum with many extensions possible.

It would be obvious to have a skill tree or at least a skill branch devoted to teaching, and indeed we plan this. The idea would be to influence the amount of trainpoints "lost in translation" between teacher and student, the number of students being taught, and the time it would take to teach.

Some of the extensions on inspirations we are considering, are inspirations that cannot be used by the person getting the inspiration: Inspirations that can only be used for teaching.

We have considered having a mechanic for teaching that revolves around spending time together: We cannot force people to roleplay, but we can do whatever we can to give them good reasons to roleplay. So, e.g. a slightly skilled teacher could, over the course of 10-15 minutes in close proximity to a student, teach the student 25-30 minutes worth of trainpoints, while consuming a (charge of a) "teaching" inspiration drop worth 30-60 minutes. Better skills would shorten the time, decrease the trainpoint loss, and or allow the inspiration drop to be used more times.

Steambaths are probably a good place to discuss technical problems and mull over scientific theories :-). Of course, performance enhancing items and drugs are also obvious possibilities.

Let me hear your input.
Click the 'Full Post' link below to view the entire post.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

The Labspace Tour

loyats posted several screenshots of the Labspace area from the beta, which you can view here.

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Monday, February 20, 2006


AnneVR, a Programmer at Runestone, posted on the forums about how voting worked in the beta test. Check the post out here!

Regular vote resolves will run from Monday February 20 after this schedule:
- Monday 8:30AM UTC (9:30AM CET)
- Wednesday 8:30AM UTC
- Friday 8:30AM UTC
Note that the times may vary slightly in case of server maintenance or other events.

A bit about the vote system:

Currently, you can place votes if you have votes left, and when votes are resolved, administration rights are transferred to the new administrator. Accounts created during a vote cycle do not, however, have any votes to begin with. After a vote is resolved, vote count on all accounts is reset to 7.

If your account does not have any votes, it was probably created after last vote resolve. If your account was created before last vote resolve (see schedule above) and still doesn't have any votes, please submit a ticket on this.

You can place as many votes as you like on one or more candidates of your choosing, including yourself. I.e. you can place all 7 votes on yourself or someone else, or you can distribute the 7 votes on 7 different candidates.

Later, we will implement a mechanism that ensures that you cannot save all votes for the last day of the cycle, but this is not in place yet. Therefore, you can place each of the 7 votes at any time during the vote cycle.

See also the existing manual on democracy in the knowledge base: http://www.seedthegame.com/support/i... eid=36&nav=0

We hope you'll enjoy all the plotting and scheming :-)

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Friday, February 17, 2006

New GM

A Game Master from Alchemic Dream going by the name Zorg stopped by the forum to introduce himself to the community. Here's what he had to say:
Hi everybody. Let me introduce myself.

Name : Zorg
Sex : Male
Race : Human
Class : Game Master
Level : 18

Skills : Knowledge (P&P Fantasy RPGs) +15, Knowledge (P&P Sci-Fi RPGs) +9, Knowledge (movie quotes) +4, Knowledge (Strategic games) +8, Litterature +5.

Description :
Caucasian male from the province of Quebec, east of Canada. Old enough to have 18 years of experience as a Game Master. Fan of Fantasy and Science-Fiction. No experience in ANY MMORPG, except maybe these :

Legend of the Red Dragon (BBS Door game)
Empire II (On the good old C=64)

I'm used to GM up to 9 players around a table for D&D Games. This will be my first experience as a GM for so many players at the same time.

Now that I introduced myself, I want to know one thing : what do you expect from a Game Master in the SEED universe?
Alchemic Dream is a company that handles management, suport, and localization for various MMOs and will be handling this aspect of Seed for Runestone.

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Stratics Seed

The Stratics Network has opened a Seed portal site! Here's their announcement:
Extending life beyond our own perceived limits, the TAU has sent out crycoolers to distant worlds with similar atmospheres in order to habitate other planets. After many years, the first of five ships have landed on a planet near Beta Hyi, a star 24.4 light years from the Sun. A large iceberg was rammed into the planet's surface, thus changing the weather patterns and, ultimately, the planet's habitable atmosphere... forever. Life on Da Vinci was about to become what nobody imagined it would ever be.

Here at Stratics Central, we are making it our business to keep you informed on the hottest games out there. We are working hard to bring the information to you so that you, the MMORPG community, can get the latest news on the titles available in the industry today.

Introducing another in a long series of new sites coming to Stratics, Seed Stratics!

Seed is a new adventure game brought by Runestone Game Development to the world of MMORPGs. The new world that Seed provides does not include combat, questing, or character progression. Instead, it revolves around personalizing your own story, becoming involved in political and social aspects more than factions or enemies to do war upon, and something beyondwhat is standard for MMORPGs. Even the graphics are unique to online gaming!

We are pleased to bring you Seed Stratics, providing you with the latest news and reviews on the game, beta information and updates, as well as an area to discuss your sci-fi adventures! Join us at Seed Stratics today!

Coming soon to a Portal near you... Pirates of the Burning Seas, ArchLord, and Hero's Journey!

The admin for the site, Purple Tigerlilly, says that it's their intent for it to evolve beyond a portal site once the game goes live.

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Beta Selection Criteria

Morten Juul made a follow-up post concerning the criteria for beta selection.
Originally Posted by Interitus
I just don't think it sends out the right message that when you registered is more important then the amount of constructive posts you make.

I follow you to some extent here, but as Shadowplay points out, we do not have the ressources to hand pick 500 Beta Testers. Today, we generated the list with automatic extracts based on pc configuration and browsed through the applications, removing those with insufficient experience / reasons for being in the Beta.

Until now our system has ranked people according to forum sign up time, as it has been the best indicator we could think of in regards to honour the community members that have been with us for the longest time. As in every automated system, there are flaws to this method.

With the current batch of testers, we have now included most of the people that have been forum members since before the beta sign-up opened. This means that when we select the next batch of testers, it does not make as much sense to look at forum sign-up time.

It would make more sense to look more at the forum post count at that point, but this does not say anything about whether the actual post content is constructive or not. And we do want to honour constructive forum activity!

We cannot say exactly which method we are going to use, as we simply do not know yet. We have considered how to make the most fair selection each of the previous two times we have selected testers, and we will do so again next time.


As for the 1GB limit, the reason is that we wanted to do our best to ensure that the selected testers can actually run the client at this stage. We have plenty of bugs to deal with already and do not have the need to add more bugs related to memory issues yet.

We will lower the the memory requirements eventually.

Kind regards,


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More Testers Invited

Community Manager Morten Juul stopped by the forums to let everyone know that 500 more beta invites were sent out.
Today we have sent out Beta Keys to another 500 applicants. This means that a total of 1.000 players have now been selected for the Beta.

Our main focus is still stability, thus the selection criteria were the following:

“Fail safe” computer specs (min. 1 GB RAM, min.128 MB graphics card)
Sensible Beta experience / reasons for being in the Beta.

Amongst the many applicants who fulfilled the requirements, we have selected the ones with the longest forum history (=having been a member of the forums for the longest time).

Welcome to all new testers!

To those of you who did not make it: Do not worry, we are definitely going to need all of you at some point. Our goal is still at least 10.000 testers and we have not reached this number of applicants yet. We will let more of you in as soon as our server stability has reached a satisfying level.

Kind regards,

I met both of the criteria listed and still didn't get in, so I'm assuming either there are still people who have been registered on the forums longer than me... In any case, congrats to all those who made it!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Seed Client @ Filefront

A user named buk posted on the official forums to let everyone know that the beta client for Seed was available for download at the popular file-hosting site, Filefront. At first there was quite a bit of suspicion as to whether or not this was leaked from a current tester, but Morten Juul(Runestone Community Manager) showed up to let everyone know the following:
Hi there,

The client at FileFront is the real one, and it is approved by us. FileFront just happened to upload it quite quicker than expected. We will point towards the file, when we announce the next batch of beta testers to be let in later this week.

(As pointed out, you do need a beta key to access the game = you cannot use the client until you are selected for the beta).

Kind regards,

So it's okay to download the client in preparation for the next wave of beta, though you won't be able to use if you don't get invited. Here's the link to the download!

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Monday, February 13, 2006

TAU's Database

AlexK made a post on the forums regarding the types of information stored within TAU's database. Here's a snip of the post:
So what is in the database? Good question. I think providing lists or details would be a moot point. Partly because it would be a gargantuan task, partly because I do not think it is needed. As I see it, the database question is a roleplaying question. What we need is the framework for what a Da Vincian would/could conceiveably be referring to, without sounding anachronistic or otherwise breaking the roleplaying immersion.
You can check out the full posting here.

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Friday, February 10, 2006

Lack of Updates

While I have updated my blog at least once each day this week, I just wanted to apologize for how infrequently I've posted in comparison to last week. I've been very busy with work and therefore was unable to spend much time in #seed, which is where I hear all of the juicy info and get a lot of the links to screens and videos.

I've still been skimming over the official forums daily so I've been able to provide links to official dev posts... But media seems to be scarce this week. Maybe I just missed it, but it seems like the beta testers haven't posted much in the way of screens/videos this week. Hopefully it's because they are having too much fun testing the game!

I plan to continue to update this blog as regularly as possible(most likely 1-2 times per day), but I won't be able to track down media and such as easily as I could last week. If you know of any screens/videos that I haven't linked to in the past, feel free to leave me a comment on this blog or private message me on the Seed forums(username Derella).

Thanks for continuing to read -- I promise a lot more info once I'm in the beta :)

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NPCs & Interaction

AlexK(Lead Write for Runestone) made two posts about NPCs -- one concerning what they remember, and another on how to interact with them using language and emotes. I won't bother pasting what was said, as a lot of the conversation was in response to what was said in the threads(and thus a context would be more difficult to establish). In any case, check them out here:

Interacting with NPCs

NPC "Memory"

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Seed Newsletter

The Seed Newsletter was sent out today, so check your inboxes. Along with a general overview of the beta so far, Morten Juul(Community Manager for Seed) mentioned the following:
We have upped the allowed number of simultaneous players to 75, and provided this does not lead to greater problems, we hope to let in more testers next week. When and how many is yet to be decided, but we will post an announcement on the forums as soon as we know.
This time I'm going to try really hard not to get my hopes up...

To view the entire newsletter, click the "Full Post" link below, or check your e-mail ;)
Newsletter from the developers of Seed

We made it to the Beta test!... but you probably know that already :).

It was greatly satisfying for us to be able to launch the Beta test on time. The end of January meant constant overtime for all of us. Kroll has seized the opportunity to order everybody back to standard work hours for now - in order for us to be able to work around the clock again as April come closer, I guess :).

Nevertheless, the Beta opened February 1st 12:00 CET. Our uptime was a tremendous 13 minutes, before the first crash occurred – that was about 12 minutes more than expected. We pretty soon accomplished uptimes of 30-60 minutes, and thanks to our should-be-patented Sys-op-in-a-box servers were restarted automatically and up again within a few minutes.

Thanks to all the feedback we received, we were able to pinpoint the major factors for the server crashes, and this week the servers have run continuously for up to 12 hours. Of course we are working on making these numbers even better, but we are pretty satisfied with our progress so far :).

We have upped the allowed number of simultaneous players to 75, and provided this does not lead to greater problems, we hope to let in more testers next week. When and how many is yet to be decided, but we will post an announcement on the forums as soon as we know.

Staff wise, we have sort of expanded again. This time with three graduate students, who will help us out over the next months as junior staff members. Tom and Peter are writing a master’s thesis about in-game mechanics, and will provide us with analysis and recommendations. Søren is here to gain on-the-job experience as part of his IT engineer studies and will work as assistant programmer.

Oh, and welcome to all the new readers. Last time I sent out a newsletter, there were about 300 subscribers - now the number is over 4.000! Likewise our forum has grown to over 11.000 members. We greatly appreciate the support you are showing us.

Kind regards,

Community Manager

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Skill Training

Kroll(Runetone's CEO) popped by the forums to give a detailed account of how skill training works Here's a snippet:
Skill training in Seed works pretty much as follows:

For each character you have, you can set one skill to "timetrain". Timetraining pumps one trainpoint into the skill pr. second. Depending on the level of the skill you have, and depending on the difficulty of the skill in question, it takes a certain number of trainpoints to reach the next level of the skill. Timetraining works while you are online, and while you are offline. When floatbeds gets fully implemented, offline skilltraining proceed at reduced rate, unless you log out in a floatbed. This is to discourage people from simply vanishing in to thin air by logging out someplace arbitrary.
You can switch to timetrain another skill at any time without loosing any of the trainpoints already acquired.

Read the rest of his post on the forums by following this link.

Runestone also opened up a Suggestions forum. Check it out here!

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Official Posts

AlexK(Lead Writer for Runestone) made a post on the forums which detailed the naming guidelines for Seed. Here's rule number one:
Nevertheless, we've come up with a good deal of names by now for the NPCs. Rather than deciding on a naming scheme from the start, we played around to see what emerged. Looking at the current list of NPC names, some things do stand out:

1. Something that does not contain contemporary references, i.e. "JudasPriest", "Bush", "Machinehead", "Quake", "Rammstein". The reason is that while it can always be argued that such a name could be in use on Da Vinci, it is very immersion breaking.
Check out the rest of the post here!

AnneVR(a Programmer at Runestone) posted today's patch notes.
- It is no longer possible to cancel other players' production jobs.
- It is now possible to fix a repair job on an empty hardpoint, thus making a new machine.
- Equip behavior should be more consistent - please report remaining weird behavior.
- User settings window can now be closed by clicking "Cancel and exit" as well as the 'x'. Window still under construction.
- Old tooltips now removed from equip window when equipping new item.
- Pressing backspace or delete in character creator name field no longer produces incorrect error message.
- Ring window now updates when promoting/demoting/kicking members. Leave button not fixed yet.
- When clicking "Info" button in ring invite window, the ring info window now shows the ring you're invited to instead of your current ring.
- Client no longer crashes when quitting game.
- It is now possible to select "none" in hair picker, i.e. you can make bald characters.
- New patch for connection manager, hopefully fixing connection bugs.
- Cleaned up bad object errors in client.
- Increased client lifespan by fixing resource leakage.
- Fixed "Readling" spelling error in launcher window.
- Fixed progress bar error in launcher window (doesn't go to 260% anymore)
- Fixed bug in patching assets.q
- Fixed broken seed_data_XXXX.zip file on web-server
- Known error codes translated to text messages in launcher
- (Edit: New, but still not finished, canyon)

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Seed Wiki!

This has been around for a while now(at least a few days, anyway!), but it's a great compilation of info for the Seed community so I felt obligated to post a link to it. I'm not entirely sure who started it, but it is hosted at Luusworld. In any case, here is the link! I'm sure any testers, as well as beta-hopefuls will find the content helpful!

Thanks for linking to it on the Seed Beta Test forums(which is where I first saw it), Sixius.

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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Next Batch?

Kroll posted on the forums saying the following in regards to when more testers will be added:
We will let in the next batch (and decide the *size* of that next batch) when server stability is significantly better, and we are reasonably sure that scaling issues won't break us too much. Due to the unpredictable nature of debugging a rather complex client server architechture, we don't know when that will happen. We have now been in beta for a whopping 2 1/2 workday, plus some of a weekend. Initial server uptime averaged 5 minutes. Now, it averages an hour.
An hour is definately not enough, but we *are* making progress. Partly because we hold back, we have the number of testers we need, and we don't have so many it bogs us down.

We will let you know as soon as we know more, and believe me: We *want* to let in more people. It is amazingly satisfying for us to see people actually running around in our game.
Looking forward to it ;)

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Luu's video!

Luu has posted a video of herself running around in the tower -- those tunnels she was running through would not be fun for someone with claustrophobia! Right click this link(11MB)and choose "Save Target/Link As" to save it. Thanks for posting it, Luu :)

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Female Character Creation Video!

Lashiens posted another great video, this time focusing on character creation for females -- and includes some hidden alternate starting outfits! It's hosted on the Sinetwork, and you can download it directly by right clicking this link and choosing "Save Link/Target As."

3 Starting Outfits!
(Click to enlarge)

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Collaborative Beta Tester Manual

Lashiens started a Collaborative Seed Beta Tester Instruction Manual. *gasps for breath* It's basically a compilation of info that any tester can add to. There is info on movement, as well as detailed info on how to repair and use inspirations. There's also a link to Section8's skill list, and a work-in-progress map that he's making!

Follow the "Full Post" link for Section8's post about repairs!


Damage Types:

Before you start repairing anything, you need to assess the repair job at hand. When you mouseover a repair job, selection brackets and at least one status bar will appear. The status bars represent:

Mechanical Damage (Blue Cog)
Structural Damage (Purple Pillar)
Electronic Damage (Green Interconnected Spheres)
Electrical Damage (Red Lightning Bolt)
Contamination (Orange Biohazard Symbol)


In order to repair something, you must first move close to it, and highlight the repairjob withe your mouse. It should display selection brackets, and a few status bars. Left click to bring up the pie menu, and click "Target" (three converging arrows).

If you wish to fully repair something, and gain an AP reward, then avoid repair jobs that have damage types you can't repair.

Basic Tools:

Starting out in the tower, you will have a "BasicStrucTool", "BasicMechTool" and "BasicContTool", to repair Structural, Mechanical and Contamination damage respectively.

To equip the tools, open up the Assets menu (second from the top) and then left click the appropriate tool to bring up a pie menu. Select "Equip" (hand holding a blue object) and you should see the Equipped Items menu pop up. If not, you can open it by clicking the topmost icon on the left.

Alternately, you can simply of the Equipped Items menu, and drag a tool from the Assets window.


With your Equipped Items menu open, you should see four slots, and in the topmost slot there will be a tool (Screwdriver for BasicMechTools, Crowbar for BasicStrucTools and BioSponge for BasicContTools.) Click the tool, and watch as the repair timer (light blue status bar behing the tool name) does its thang. If you have the right tool for the job, you should see the appropriate damage type diminish slightly.

Repeat, until the damage type has been cleared (the object you're repairing should visually change). Then move on to the next damage type by equipping the appropriate tool and doing the same.


((unsure what this does as of yet, but it's indicated by a rising red bar on the left side of the Equipped Items window.))


If you're using an item that has a limited number of charges, then the green bar on the right side of the Equipped Items window indicates the remaining charges. ((haven't seen it in action yet, so more to come later))

Hint: Two Hands for beginners:

The best way to approach repairs is to equip an appropriate tool in each hand (by manually opening Equipped Items, and dragging the tools onto each hand. Then, you can alternately click each tool, and the repair process is twice as fast. (thanks for the tip HateTank! )

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Partial Skill List

Section8 and Nesox posted partial skill lists on the official forum today! Section8 warns:

This information is not 100% accurate or complete, as it's based on some hastily taken notes in game. Expect ongoing updates, and I'd appreciate it if anyone developing other lines that might be able to provide some info could help me fill in the gaps.
Click the "Full Post" button below to see the lists, or check them out on the forums!

Section8 posted:

  • Basic Repair [Diff:1] - Repairing Advanced Machinery
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
      • Jury Rigging [Diff:2] - Gives various tradeoffs on cooldown
        • Level 1
          • Quick 'n' Dirty [Diff: ??] - Just get it done fast
    • Level 3
      • Electrician [Diff:??] - 5% bonus per level when repairing Electrical Damage
      • Electronics [Diff:??] - 5% bonus per level when repairing Electronic Damage
      • Engineering [Diff:??] - 5% bonus per level when repairing Structural Damage
      • Hazmat [Diff:??] - 5% bonus per level when repairing Contamination Damage
      • Mechanic [Diff:??] - 5% bonus per level when repairing Mechanical Damage
    • Level 4
      • Quality Assurance [Diff:??]
      • Repair Technology [Diff:??]
      • Resource Saving [Diff:??]
      • Scrounging [Diff:??]
      • Tool Handling [Diff:??]
    • ...

  • Production [Diff:1] - Allows use of Microfacts
    • Level 1
      • Tool Manufacturing [Diff:2]
    • Level 2
      • Chemical Manufacturing [Diff:2] - Allows production of basic chemicals
        • ...
        • Level 5
          • Advanced Chemical Manufacturing [Diff:??]
      • Mechanical Manufacturing [Diff:2] - Allows production of repair tools
        • ...
        • Level 5
          • Advanced Mechanical Manufacturing [Diff:??]
    • Level 3
      • Biotech Manufacturing [Diff:??]
      • Clothing and Safety Gear Manufacturing [Diff:??]
      • Electronic Manufacturing [Diff:??]
    • ...

  • Administration [Diff:2] - Allows Machine Administration
    • Level 1
    • Level 2
      • Containment Tech [Diff:??]
    • ...

  • Basic Science [Diff:1]
    • Level 1
      • Mathematics [Diff:2] - Theoretical Mathematics
    • Level 2
      • Biology [Diff:2] - Perform Biological Experiments
    • ...

Training Time is calcuated accord to the following difficulty times, multiplied by the level of the skill:

  • Difficulty 1 - 00:10
  • Difficulty 2 - 01:20
  • Difficulty 3 - ??:??
  • ...

And Nesox Posted:

This is the info I have so far (feel free to add this into your post):

Basic Repair 1 - 10mins
Difficulty 1

Basic Repair 2 - 20mins, opens Jury Rigging 0 skill
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Repair 1

Basic Repair 3 - 40mins, opens Electrician 0 , Electronics 0, Hazmat 0, Engineering 0 and Mechanics 0 skills
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Repair 2

Basic Repair 4 - 80mins, opens Quality Assurance, Repair Technician, Resource Saving, Scrounging and Tool Handling skills
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Repair 3

Basic Repair 5 - 160mins
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Repair 4

Electrician Rank 1 - 80mins
Difficulty 2, +5% to electrical repair skill per level.

Electronics, Mechanics, Engineering and Hazmat all function the same as Electrical above, granting a 5% bonus to each specific field.

Jury Rigging - 80mins, opens Quick & Dirty skill
Difficulty 2, Pre - Basic Repair 2

Production 1 - 10mins, opens Tool Manufacture skill
Difficulty 1

Production 2 - 20mins, opens Administration, Chemical Manufacture and Electronics Manufacture skills
Difficulty 1, Pre - Production 1

Production 3 - 40mins, opens Biotech Manufacture, Clothing & Safety Gear Manufacture and Electronic Manufacture skills
Difficulty 1, Pre - Production 1

Tool Manufacture 1 - 80mins
Difficulty 2, Pre - Production 1

Chemical Manufacture 1 - 80mins, opens Advanced Chemical Manufature skill (at level 5)
Difficulty 2, Pre - Production 2

Tool Manufacture - 80mins
Difficulty 2, Pre - Production 1

Mechanical Manufacture 1 - 80mins, opens Advanced Mechanical Manufacture (at level 5)
Difficulty 2, Pre - Production 2

Administration 1 - 80mins, opens Containment Tech skill
Difficulty 2, Pre - Production 2

Basic Science 1 - 10mins, opens Mathematics skill
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Repair 2

Basic Science 2 - 20mins, opens Biology skill
Difficulty 1, Pre - Basic Science 1

Mathematics 1 - 80mins
Difficulty 2, Pre - Basic Science 1

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Another movie!

We have another movie, this time from The Piffe. It weighs in at 40MB! Here's a link to where it is hosted -- enjoy :)

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Two movies!

Styers posted links in #seed to two movies he made. The first shows him running around and interacting with various things, while the second shows us character creation. Right click the links, and choose Save Target/Link As... to download them. Thanks for posting these, Styers!

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New Screens!

Fenryll put up a link in #seed to some screenshots he took. The screens show off some pieces of the UI, and are definately worth checking out!

Update: Fenryll continues to add more screenshotss to his directory, so be sure to keep checking -- right now there are some great ones of emotes!

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Patch Notes

Haller popped into #seed to let everyone know that there is now a Patch Notes forum. Here is the first entry:
Issues adressed in the Server and Client Patches added 2006-2-2

Thread Pool increased in the client. Should take care of the 'Running low on threads - warning'
Improved object load on zone change. Should speed up zone changes making them more smooth.
Cached location data. Should remove the lag seen about a minute after login.
Better error codes on launcher start:
5 : Could not connect to server
10 : Wrong userId or password
20 : Account not activated
30 : Account Banned
40 : Account already logged in
Errorcode 1 should be eliminated, so if you still get it check that the launcher was succesfully update. You might even want to try a reinstall.

Fixed various patcher errors. Should improve patching speed and reliability.
Fixed a radlock transportation bug that caused server crashes. Radlocks should be safer to use now.

That is all I can remember right now. Will add more if I remember it.

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Final Word on Eye Color

Tom Mortensen(aka one-niner), a Junior Game Designer at Runestone gave the final word on whether or not you can choose your eye color in the beta yet(as well as responded to a few other character creation issues).
1. As stated in various posts already: If the server is down, the client will crash when you exit the character creator. There might be a nicer way to tell you about the server being down - we know

2. If you close a window in the character creator there is no way of reopening it. Most likely fix is making it impossible to close these windows.

3. Scotland Tom mentioned that a dev once spoke of an eye color chooser. Don't spend hours looking for it - it's not there. We had a few issues with this feature so it didn't make it into the first beta release. It might reappear at a later time.

We are aware of these issues. Still, thanks for reporting.

If you discover issues that have not yet been reportet, please submit a ticket. Also, try to recreate the crash/bug/issue before reporting in order to verify causality.
Thanks for clearing it up, Tom!

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Server up?

From the sound of things in #seed, the server is up now... Now get cracking -- I want a stable game to play in when they let me in beta ;)

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15-30 Minute Delay

Morten Juul posted again to let everyone know the servers would be a bit late going up...

Servers expected up 15:30 CET

...or between 15:15 and 15:30.

Kind regards,


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Beta Day 2

Morten Juul posted on the Server Status forums to let everyone know that the servers wouldn't be going up at the expected time of 12:00 CET. They are still working on some fixes, but expect everything to be back up by 15:00 CET.
As you can see, the game servers are still down. We are working on several fixes right now, expecting everything to be up and running by 15:00 CET.

You should experience far more stable servers at that time.

Kind regards

Apparently some people couldn't sleep last night, so they are using this delay to catch a few zees before testing resumes. Take care of yourselves, guys ;)

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Day 1 Ends

Bifrost posted to let everyone know that the servers would be down until tomorrow. Hopefully they fixed a lot of the bugs, and they'll need more testers soon ;)
After this first intensive beta day, the dev team has already prepared many fix to the server and the client.

A patch will be made tomorrow about that. This includes a heavy bug that causes the server reboot when characters are crashed in a location switch.

In order to prevent the server to reboot for a known and already fixed bug, we decided to shut down the server for the night.

We will re-open it on 02.02.2006 at 12h00 CET.

Thank you everyone for your great help on the bug report !

The Seed Team.
Good luck on Day 2!

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Section8 has posted a detailed list of emotes -- it even indicates whether each emote has an animations, facial expression, or the text for the action is.

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More On Character Creation

Lashiens' character creation video has gotten me very excited about the options that are presented. That, combined with boredom resulted in me clipping and cleaning up some of the screenshots that were posted earlier, in order to plainly show what options are available.

You'll notice that there is no option for eye color, and I mentioed that in #seed. Lars Kroll(CEO of Runestone) noticed, and said that "it will come." Update: xmentor posted on the forums with the following:

It is possible to change your eye colour - the eye colour selection window should be there somewhere...

Click the "Full Post" link below to see the pics -- I couldn't post them on the main page because they took up too much space!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

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Character Creation Video!

I told you this was going to be a busy news day ;)

Lashiens has recorded and posted a video of character creation. It's around 5 minutes long, and gives us all a closer look at the character creation portion of the game. Thanks so much for doing this for all of the people who can't see it for themselves, Lashiens!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

The file is hosted on Filefront, and can be downloaded here!

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First Day of Beta!

So the servers opened to the public today, for the first time ever(that I know of, anyway...)! Today should be insanely busy on the forums, which is good. It means more information for us saps that didn't get in, lol. Expect tons of stuff today, as well as some exclusive goodies from Lashiens.

First of all, Lashiens posted a link to a bunch(50!) of screenshots already on the forum. You can download them here! There are a ton of character creation shots(including our first look at the Explodingduck hairstyle), as well as shots of a factory, skills, etc...

A forum member named upon posted his initial impressions on the forum, and xmentor replied to a few things that were brought up. Movement with the keyboard, lack of sound, and instability were a few things covered. Despite the Beta-ness, people still think it looks great though :)

Originally Posted by upon
Sound: Almost none. There were beeps in one place. We talked about this on the forums, but I didn't realize how important the roar of distant machinery and the thud of boots echoing on the metal floor was until I didn't hear it.

No, sound is pretty much absent so far - one major reason is that our sound codec bombed out when we changed our database layout a few days ago. But the whole soundscape will be built up during beta, there are hardly any sounds right now.

The Official Seed website recieved a few updates today... You can check the server status here, and several new beta-related forums opened as well.

Expect more news as the day goes on!

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